How Auto Repair Software is Beneficial for Technicians?

The auto repair industry is rapidly changing, today repairing vehicles has become a high-tech occupation with technicians using a laptop, computer or a handheld device are a common sight during the repair or service. Modern vehicles demand technologically advanced solutions to handle and execute maintenance services.

In this ever changing landscape auto repair garage owners struggle to streamline their daily operational activities and in understanding the diverse nature of the auto repair industry. That’s where smart auto repair shop owners look for automotive software that organizes their daily tasks, increases employee efficiency and customer experience within the garage at the same time.

Benefits of Auto Repair Shop Software:

How Technician’s Benefit From Custom Auto Software

A priority of a business is to ensure their technicians/ employees are productive which can be accomplished by using an ideal auto repair software pre-loaded with impressive features designed to streamline daily tasks and monitor progress from the start to finish.

Traditionally a job card is created manually where a technician writes down the service notes, prepares an estimate, adds repair instructions and the list of parts to be replaced. Auto repair software eliminates the need to fill in the details manually but replaces this daily task with a few taps on the handheld device or desktop this increases the efficiency of the garage and takes it to the next level.


Service advisors and techs in a busy auto repair shop have a lot to deal with throughout the day juggling answering call enquiries while dealing with customers waiting becomes a struggle resulting in reduction of efficiency and slowing down the process. To save time on these time-consuming tasks, workshops can use technology to improve efficiency by using built in message functions like email, text along with In-App notifications that are delivered instantly to the customer.

Controlled Access

As a workshop manager or business owner, you want to ensure that sufficient access level is assigned to each employee. Having the ability to control access to a specific function of the software is a benefit as the employee will only see and be able to perform functions specific to their role, this removes possible visual distractions and keeps the employee fully focused . Smart auto repair shop software allows you to configure the access levels based on specific roles.

Attract Skilled Technicians

The labor market is highly competitive and with a shortage of qualified techs out there today, you really want to ensure you retain the good ones and be able to attract new techs. The new generation of technicians are heavily invested into technology for them, it’s just the way of life so they have a certain expectation when entering the job market place.

Newly qualified or younger technicians would properly not view or choose a shop where they have to shuffle through piles of paper to find a job card, service history, or customer details. A smart auto garage business owner that invests in the latest automotive workshop management software stands out from the crowd due to the technology stack that delivers modern digital tools for its staff.

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Offer Better Customer Service

The auto repair service industry believes in customer-first trade. Roughly 70 to 75 percent of customers of an auto shop business are repeat visitors so it is imperative that you maintain good communication with them throughout the year. Good auto shop software offers features focusing on customer communication, satisfaction and improving customer loyalty by using different communication / marketing channels like emails, text messages and in-app notifications to remind customers of upcoming services, follow up on repair orders and send out campaigns for specials which are great ways to keep in touch and connected with existing customers.

Offer Personalized Service

A personalized touch to your communication with your customers connects you on a one to one basis. With a digital customer directory you can send out personalized messages for things like their special day or keep it more formal by customising your message for service reminders, pick up messages and offer special based on their spending or buyer behavior. Without a digital cloud based auto shop software platform, this becomes very difficult and time-consuming.

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What Software Do Mechanics Use?

Some garage owners use numerous software modules in isolation for their daily operations such as electronic invoices, repair orders, customer management, appointment booking, technician time tracking, inventory management, sales and a much more. This in itself presents in-efficient use of time and energy causing unwanted stress and pressure due to an overload of multi-tasking. A better solution would be to streamline all these tasks into one platform with all the features included.

Auto Technology is advancing, and so should your auto repair shop. Let’s take a look at a great solution that encompasses all the features you need to deliver benefits to your business, staff and customers.

I would recommend you to consider 5iQ automotive software for your auto shop. It is easy to implement and use, built with the mission that bridges the gap between technology and mechanical workshops with the help of an efficient workshop management system. 5iQ is designed to meet the current and future demands of this service industry and streamline the repair and maintenance tasks.

5iQ allows one-click invoice creation from repair orders and quotes. It facilitates easy work order creation, detailed vehicle and customer records, and full-service history reports. The application also enables quick emailing, messaging, and is a dedicated mobile app to offer to your customers. Further, it allows a desktop view for management to monitor daily and weekly bookings and a lot more.

Moving Forward

5iQ automotive software allows you to manage your workshop’s daily job tasks with just a few clicks and turn your workshop into a paperless premise. This cloud-based solution works perfectly for small to large-sized workshops and covers all the aspects of a fully functional garage. So, if you are looking to upgrade your auto repair shop with 5iQ automotive software, connect with our team today itself.