Reasons To Have An Automotive Software For Garages

Technology is growing, and various industries out there are trying to adapt them for their business improvement. The garage and automotive industry is not an exception here. Most of the garage owners have a question that why use automobile software? can automotive software help my garage? The advancement of the latest technology has made automobiles much complicated. The garages need perfect workshop software that streamlines all the processes at once.

Nowadays cars become more and more complex. Auto repair business are also evolving along with new auto repair software and shop management software as we see the improvements with more complex integrations and mobile application. Customers expectations are now digital and there is a need to provide them with mobility giving them the flexibility and keeping them in control.

It’s now your turn to move to technology to become for productive, more organised, more efficient in quoting and repairing but more importantly better communication with your customers. As we all know, this results in a better customer experience, which increases loyalty and retention which helps in growing your business.

As per the automotive industry trends, every auto repair shop out there must have a garage management software system. Here are some of the benefits and reasons to use an auto shop management system.

    1. Save History and Time

Every garage manages a lot of vehicle repairs in a day, and it becomes tough for them to keep track of every detail. With auto repair software like everything becomes simple. It tracks all the vehicles details including service history and digital inspections which are all stored in the cloud, and garage staff and management can retrieve any information they desire in just a couple of clicks.

It reduces the time taken for various regular shop operations as everything will be automated. Estimating, diagnosing, repairing vehicles, ordering the parts are some of the simple yet time consuming tasks that are replaced with software. You don’t have to spend your time on unnecessary things instead focus entirely on providing the best service for the customer.

    1. Reduces Paperwork

Garages revolve around paperwork, and it is exhausting. Everything about a vehicle should be entered in a book, job cards, the inventory, estimations, invoicing, etc. there are a lot of things that are paper based in a garage. All of these things can be quickly done and handled with the help of automotive workshop software. Entering all the details in the software will reduce paperwork and the upside is that there is no need to worry about losing the information too.

Everything will be stored in the cloud giving garage staff access anytime, anyplace to review past or present information. Reducing paper usage will save the environment too.

    1. Automate your Auto Repair Shop

Every auto shop has multiple things to manage at any given time, just like juggling balls in the air or at times it feels that way. There are things you can do to change that feeling like using a system with automated processes and functions, for example you can automate your stock control, service reminders, marketing campaigns, message broadcast, job status, supplier integration, customer experience and many more…

Why not automate? I’m sure every garage is looking for better efficiency, productivity and communication so why not have it all, I’m sure your customer would appreciate the fact that you are keeping up with technology and the best part is that it has a positive experience for them which will get you better reviews and higher retention.

The name garage management software itself says that the software will handle almost all the things regarding the auto repair shop. Everything can be dealt with ease here. As mentioned, every garage out there has a lot of things to take care of, and the one way to manage everything is with the help of workshop software. From entering vehicle details to generating invoices, all the processes can be made smooth with the help of this garage management system.

The inventory check, vehicle progress, the track record of the garage, along with accounting and finances, auto repair shop management software can handle all of these things at once. This scenario is the best way to ensure that everything is done correctly. The software will manage the entire auto shop without human intervention.

    1. Interact with Customers

In the past the challenge has been keeping your customers updated on the progress of their vehicle throughout the entire service or repair process which has proven to be difficult, fast forward to the present and that challenge has been resolved with mobile app built in the software enabling direct communication with job progress status update, live booking, historical data and many more all in the palm of their hand, giving the customer what I like to call..their digital glove box in an app!

It is not easy to keep customers updated about the progress of their vehicles, but this can be done with the help or assistance of this software solution. You can send notifications and alerts to your customers from time to time so that they can know what is happening with their vehicles. This scenario is one of the best ways to keep in touch with them.

    1. Better Communication among Staff

Using software to manage auto shop enables you to share information across your business quickly and easily and it doesn’t matter what device you’re on. Each employee will see their tasks for the day, week or month and can manage and complete these with confidence knowing there will be no duplication or missing data as all information and communication is on a single platform. A cloud based garage auto repair system means you can access this from anywhere in the world at anytime you just need internet access and you’re in.

Most of the people are always in the question of why garage need a software system? One of the main reasons why you have to use it is it provides a proper communication between the team. The team members can provide remote access to information and communicate on a single platform without any hassle. File sharing, chatting, and a lot more advanced tasks can be made possible using this software.

    1. Engage with Customers

When your customers walk in the door having their details in front of you solidifies the rapport and if you don’t have a rapport then it helps you build one straight off the bat. Having the vehicle history details along with the reason why its coming in today makes the conversation a deep and meaningful one. With an integrated social CRM and marketing driven engine helps you to stay connected with your customer as more customers now prefer digital service, they want things to be faster, easier and accessible from their mobile device. This is your time to adapt and ensure you’re on the right garage management software to improve your customer experience which can be the difference between getting repeat customers or falling behind.

Moving Forward

Predicting the future and taking necessary steps to stay relevant can be one of the last points on the to-do list of any garage owner. With hectic schedule and ever changing technology in cars it is not easy to stay up to date with all these things. The opportunity for a modern up to date automotive software solution presents itself as the perfect tool in your business to remove the challenges your face on a daily basis. The benefits are endless with a strong cloud based technology stack with mobility at the forefront that provides connectivity, automation and innovation.

We at 5iQ workshop software live and breath technology and its our focus and goal to deliver to you the best automotive solution for your workshop regardless of size, age or how tech savvy you are. 5iQ is a cloud-based garage management system that enables you to manage your auto repair task in a digital way on the palm of your hand.