Step By Step Guide To Use 5iQ Digital Inspection Forms

Digital vehicle inspection and reporting has become standard practice across 5iQ, now every shop can go paperless with 5iQ Digital Inspection module. The new digital inspection module provides customers with detailed photos and descriptions taken during the vehicle inspection process. The resulting reports play an important role in customer communication, education and transparency in the vehicle repair process. Our Digital Vehicle Report allows workshops to show, not just tell, customers exactly what’s happening with their vehicle for services, repairs, tyres and mechanical checks. We see the DVI as just another tool in your toolkit to help educate customers and make sure they understand the health of their vehicle so they can be safe on the road.

5iQ Digital Vehicle Report (DVI) allows technicians to photograph and record video of their vehicle inspections. The visual assets are combined in a simple, colour-coded report that clearly communicates the condition of each inspected component. Reports are sent directly to the customer’s phone or computer via email or the 5iQ Customer app which means they can see exactly what the technician sees. This allows the customer to make an informed decision about any recommended repair and approve (instantly) certain items or all items to be repaired.

With this level of transparency it simply reinforces the trust relationship between customers and workshops. Technicians will become more efficient, saving time, while improving productivity through its single touch process and with the added benefit of saving the data directly in the cloud.

With Covid safety measures in place across the country, in fact the world we see this as one way of being able to maintain communication with customers without them having to be in store. No doubt this would be a top priority for all workshops which contributes to customers’ safety both in the store and on the road.

The Digital Vehicle Inspection module is complimentary on the Company level subscription plan with features like customer and vehicle details, Pass, Fail & Attention check point, rectification parts and labour time, photo and video attachments and very important customer approval levels.

How to use 5iQ digital inspection feature

How to use 5iQ digital inspection feature

There are 2 great features we must point out when completing and submitting a digital inspection and that’s around the question “when can you do it”.

Option 1: Can do work immediately, the customer will receive the inspection via email and in-app which they can review and approve so the technician can continue to repair their vehicle.

Option 2: Need to book a job, This option will request customers to book a future date as the current time will not be sufficient to complete the rectification work on that day.

Getting Started

With simple and easy access to digital service reports, digital vehicle inspections, the use of drag & drop functionality, embedded photos and videos into these sets of reports or templates straight from the device camera or library.

5iQ Digital Inspection module automates workflows, live notifications, instant approvals and inspection reminders can be enabled with a few clicks. Automated actions triggered through dynamic workflows which depend on the explicit answers given or as per the form submissions and finally, the inspection dashboard which offers instantaneous real-time view on all your inspection reports by assigned status

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