Why Is a Mobile App Necessary For Your Automotive Business?

Mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular among companies lately. Be it eCommerce stores or the automotive shops, every business is trying to get closer to its respective customers with the help of these mobile apps. The usage of smart mobiles is increasing with every passing day, and this has a significant impact on the number of apps that are available in the market.

Every business these days requires a proper online presence, and a website only is not going to cut it anymore. Companies need something more and mobile apps can be their go-to choice here. These apps are not just for a show, they are pretty useful and companies are in dire need of them.

There are a number of reasons to have automotive software for garages. If you have a car showroom and are juggling with questions like why car dealers or independent workshops need a mobile app, then this article is for you. Let’s see some of the fantastic benefits of the mobile app in the automotive industry and why every business should have one.

This article will give you the information about advantages of mobile apps for the garage business.

  • Apps Will Bring in More Business

The mobile apps have the power to increase your business and take your brand to the next level. This is a smartphone generation where people will go online for everything they are planning to buy. Starting with the research that they conduct online for the product to the purchase, the smartphone users make use of all the resources available. This is the biggest reason why mobile apps are important for the automotive industry.

In such situations, if you have an app with every detail of your business online, be it your car sales or services, along with the reviews, it will undoubtedly prompt the users to choose you. It has been proven in research that people spend more than 85% of their time on smartphones using apps alone, and this shows how important they have become in everyone’s life.

If you put up effective content on the app and market it correctly, then it will attract a lot of customers to your shop. The dealerships with apps have seen a spike in their sales and also services too.

  • Analytics Report For Daily Work & Performance Overview

You can see your daily work overview and can schedule your mechanic job as per the priorities. You can track the performance of your workshop which will assist you to take necessary actions to improve the productivity of your automotive shop.

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  • Provide Information to Your Customers

You can update every status to your customer via the mobile app itself. Take for example a customer reaches out to you with a car repair, you can check in the car and send the customer away knowing that you can send them live updates via the app. This way, even though you might not have a mechanic in the store at that time, the customer won’t have to wait. From servicing to diagnosing the repair you can keep the customer informed every step of the way through in-app notification.

The close communication via the apps will bring you a step closer to your customers and will help your business in various ways. Once the repair is done, you can let the customer know via app only so that they can come round and pick up their car. Human intervention will become less interactive if that suits your customer style of communication and it is easy for you to track all the work that you have completed on the car too.

  • Offer a Diverse Range Of Payment Options To Your Customer

The best thing here is online payments, with various digital wallets and payment methods available most of the customers lately are paying via these options only. If you don’t have digital payment methods in your store or mobile, you are definitely lagging behind and may lose some customers too. A smart app with a payment gateway will give your customers the option to pay online via the app removing the need to carry cash.

  • Reduces Paperwork

Garage and car dealerships are notorious for having a lot of paperwork to do. Be it a sales call, car service or repair, there has always been a strong reliance on paperwork to complete certain tasks, however with the smart app in place it becomes pretty easy for anyone to manage the entire process in a digital format.

All details will be updated in the app and sync to the desktop making it easy for workshops, mechanics and customers to access at any time. This is one of the most important and essential reasons for having a mobile app for your garage business. The app will reduce double handling, repetition and will improve workflow process for both staff and customers.

  • Builds Long Term Loyalty

Car dealerships and independent workshops must work on building strong customer relationships that are long-lasting as car maintenance is ongoing and there will be many opportunities to service and repair that customer car for over 5 to 10 years. With a smart app customers can book their appointment, view service reports, make payments and provide feedback giving them transparency with builds loyalty . The ability to interact with your customers has just become easier and faster and each workshop should take advantage of this right now.

Customers who have the app on their phones are more inclined to book appointments when compared to the ones who don’t have apps. If your software platform has an app I would encourage you to promote it as it will keep you in touch with your customer base.

  • Enables Geofencing

Having geofencing is a great feature that every business owner must try out for sure. If a customer installs your app on their phone, you can request their location and send them notifications when they are near to your store. This geofencing technique will help assist in promoting your business and Brand in your location.

Moving Forward

Auto dealers and independant garages have been pretty slow in adapting new technologies for a long time now. Still, it is high time for you to get apps on your smartphone device because it is going to have a considerable impact. There are a lot of benefits of mobile apps for auto technicians and for customers too. It is a win-win situation, and if you make the most out of it, you can enjoy huge returns on your investment in the app. Make sure to pick the right features of garage mobile apps and use them to the fullest.

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