Which Software Does Your Automotive Shop Require?

There are many tasks to handle while operating your auto repair shop. It involves diagnostics, repairs, estimating, operations, finances, parts ordering, sales – the list goes on. However, there are a few auto repair management software options that can assist you in managing these processes to streamline your auto repair business, saving you time and enhancing your efficiency.

Let’s review what type of auto repair shop software can assist you in running your auto repair business.

  • Diagnostics

The whole repair process starts with accurate diagnostics. Using the best you can accurately diagnose vehicle issues. Using a superior software solution with useful features you can trim down your diagnosis efforts and save time. These features utilize real data from expert auto repair technicians across the globe to assist you swiftly and accurately diagnose vehicle issues. They identify the crucial elements and components to fix them quickly.

  • Repair Insights

The most resourceful way to repair vehicles is by using a blend of OEM repair information and processes through auto repair software, combined with insights from expert professionals who have solved your vehicle issue just as they have done many times before in their shops.

  • Workshop Management

Operations can be tricky and without the right system in place, it can double your workload and cause confusion. With a solid garage management system like 5iQ, you can coordinate all the moving parts and maximize your effectiveness. Behind the scene of the actual repair, you still need to manage part orders, inspections, scheduling, and your customers so removing the duplication is crucial to your success. Using digital forms which automate and digitalizes your vehicle service reports and vehicle inspections resulting in no more paperwork increase’s your productivity and utilization of your technicians.

  • Smart Scheduling

5iQ real-time scheduling of jobs with simple drag and drop functionality aids with the handling of job tasks, job reminders, view of primary and secondary reason of each job, manages your mechanic’s productivity and utilization resulting in increased billable hours.

  • Periodic Reports

With reports, you can get actionable insights on each and every part of your business which you can use to analyze and make improvements within your business operations.

  • CRM

Attracting new customers or maintaining your current base are equally as important and speaking directly with them or engagement through email, SMS or in-app notifications I think we can all agree that communication is key! Automation of some of these services will increase your customer engagement and definitely improve their experience resulting in referrals, customer reviews and increase your rating on the internet and social media.

Key TakeawaysSo, every garage owner needs efficient garage management software, that is developed with functional features and automation that can manage the entire garage workflow seamlessly. 5iQ garage software delivers just that with its cloud-based platform and mobility app’s for your customers and mobile mechanics.

5iQ workshop software is an all in one solution which suits all types of garage workflows, it also has innovative features such as marketing with AI and an intuitive dashboard which monitors your workshop by means of live reporting widgets.

5iQ auto repair management software can also positively alter your business by going paperless through digital inspection forms, which can further boost competence and outputs.