New Features In 5iQ Workshop Software

New features are things we all love however new features are great but are not necessarily going to have an impact on your business if they don’t deliver automation, innovation and change to your current process or your customer’s interaction. Customer’s behaviour, habits and trends as we know it today, will definitely change and we’ll need to deliver innovative ways to keep up with the trends of tomorrow, at 5iQ we have followed a simple but effective process which has kept us on the front foot of what auto mechanical workshop’s need to meet those trends.

What's New Features In 5iQ Workshop Software

Now that you understand our psychology and process let me take you through a couple of our features that are built now and for the customer of tomorrow.

New Features

Customer app – This app was created based on my personal experience in booking in my car for a service via text message, my mechanic and I exchanged text messages at least 5 times each and by the end of the process I was exhausted and frustrated all I wanted to do was select the date & time, nominate my service type and book it in, that’s it! I’m happy to say now you can, with 5iQ customer app you can do exactly that, with 3 simple steps you can book in your car anytime, anywhere 24/7 without wasting time or getting frustrated, as for your mechanic they can focus on getting the cars serviced so you can get back on the road safely.

Now it’s not just a booking app, “oh no” we didn’t stop there, the free customer app is fully loaded with features such as booking list, service and inspection history, notifications i.e service, registration and inspection reminders, payment gateway and built in customer referrals and surveys

Marketing with Artificial Intelligence – 5iQ marketing automation helps auto workshops increase revenues by proactively promoting recommended services and offers to bring customers back in the door. 5iQ also helps businesses improve customer satisfaction and build their online reputation through its Feedback & Reviews functionality that proactively surveys customers via 5iq customer app along with your traditional email and 2-way text messaging after their visit to the shop.

Features that give you the ability to create your own Special’s based on the information gathered from your AI, which show your future bookings that are inadequately filled. This allows auto workshops to automatically email, text and send via 5iQ customers app, customers personalized recommendations for services or special campaigns that apply to their cars service needs – such as available dates for log book service, tyre replacement or vehicle inspection – and puts an end to the one-size-fits-all automated marketing. For customers who decline services, 5iQ enables auto workshops to incentivize customers by using a personalized special offer for those declined services.

As the demand for cloud-based garage management software rises so will the need for a technology platform that provides a Marketing Automation Solution with Artificial Intelligence along with your traditional workshop software functions like CRM, Customer and Asset Management, Workshop Management, Inventory, Smart Scheduling, Reports and much more including Supplier, Accounts and Payment integration.

Transform your garage now with “Marketing Automation” through AI create your own specials and let AI take care of your campaigns, try 5iQ Workshop Software for as little as $65 /month or start your 14 day free trial now