How Do Mobile Mechanic’s Generate More Revenue For Your Auto Shops?

No one ever enjoys having their car break down and that’s for damn sure!. When your car breaks down, you’re left stranded you may be left on the side of the road or in your own driveway, but the location doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact that your day is ruined. Maybe you’ll miss that important morning meeting at work or maybe you’ll have to quickly find someone else who can pick your children up from school. Maybe your back seat full of groceries will slowly begin to melt all over your seats.

We can all agree it’s not a fun time, but finding the right mechanic can make it a little easier. That’s where mobile mechanics come in handy. Many people think of mobile mechanics as those professionals that deal with windscreen repair, glass repair, or mobile detailing. Over the last five or six years, however, they have become more and more popular for other services, including repairing and serving cars.

As per statista reported, the smartphone users were 3.2 billion in 2019 and this number will be increased by 3.8 billion in 2021. Customers these days are getting everything with just a click. This scenario is how mobile phones have occupied the present-day market, and the best way to get on customer’s radar now is by providing them auto repair services via mobile phones.

If you are still thinking about why I should choose mobile mechanics for my auto shops, then this article is for you. You are going to see some of the fantastic benefits of mobile mechanics and the way they will boost up your revenue.

  • Convenient Services

Let’s say for a moment that your car broke down in your driveway. You aren’t sure what parts are broken or damaged, but you do know that the car won’t start, no matter what you do. If you were to choose a traditional mechanic to take care of this problem, chances are that you’d either have to make arrangements to have the car brought in, which means you’d have to pay for it to be towed to that location. In the end, you’d wind up spending more than you wanted to fix the car.

By booking a mobile mechanic, you can cut out that towing fee, because they come to you. Whether you’ve broken down on the side of the motorway or in front of your home, you eliminate the need to pay more to have your car brought to the mechanic. Many breakdowns can be repaired right where your car is.

In present times it not just breakdowns but log book servicing too, in fact it number lean strongly to suggest that mobile car servicing now is more popular than ever and more customers are choosing convenience and time over traditional bricks and mortar workshops. The process is simple to book with a booking app making it flexible and easy.

If you arrange them with a mobile mechanic, they have to book up a mechanic via their mobiles, and you can send one to them. This way, the customers will come to you time and again for their repairs.

  • Anything Automobile related

Your customer range will be broadened with the different types of services you can now provide as mobile mechanics service is seen as a convenient way to manage your busy schedule. You will be able to reach out to a wider audience which no doubt will help in growing your business. Add mobile servicing or repair to your business is seen as a multi approach to meet your customer needs, it also acts as a moving marketing billboard increasing awareness and generating new leads.

If you take your service to where the customers live, work, or play everyone who owns a vehicle potentially becomes a new customer is giving you the chance to promote your mobile service.

  • No Interruptions in Customer’s Schedule

When you take your car to a normal mechanic, chances are you will have to sit in the waiting room while the mechanics on staff go through a long queue of customers before they reach your car. This can significantly cut into your personal time. Even if you are able to arrange for the car to be dropped off at the mechanic, you’ll still have to make arrangements for someone to pick you up and drop you off when doing so.

With a mobile mechanic, this isn’t a problem. While you may not be able to get much done if your car breaks down on the way to work, but if the car is sitting at your home or work, you can continue to do what you need to do while you wait for the car parts to be repaired.

Getting their car serviced or repaired at a workshop can be seen as an interruption of their daily schedule but now with mobile mechanics, it becomes easy for the customers to avail the service that they have been wanting for a long time without any hassle.

Time is and always has been precious so how we manage it is very important. With the rise of mobile mechanics, your auto business will most definitely save your customers time which delivers long term relationships and better customer satisfaction.

  • High Speed Services – No standing in Queue

As previously stated, using a traditional mechanic can often mean waiting in long queues. These mechanics typically have a lot of customers waiting for their cars to be seen, and, depending on the amount of time needed for each repair, you could be waiting quite a while for assistance.

This isn’t the case when you hire a mobile mechanic. Once they arrive on scene, you don’t have to sit and wait for them to finish with other work. They immediately dive into repairing your vehicle, and they don’t leave until it’s fixed. Sending mobile mechanics to customers will increase the speed of service.

  • Great Marketing

As mobile mechanics drive around from customer to customer your brand displayed on the van gives you great exposure and at the same time becomes a lead generating tool. Often new booking or repairs are prompted by what people see and hear so your reputation needs to deliver on your mission. Make it count!

Key Takeaways

You can use a software platform like 5iQ , which makes it easy for the customers to book your service directly from their app regardless of where you are, giving customers the freedom and flexibility removing the stress.

5iQ software will help in the app customization according to your workshop brand. So please make the most out of it and provide the best in class service for your customers. This entire process is simple and effective leveraging off the usage of mobile phones for your benefit.