5iQ Auto Repair Software For Related Automotive Industries

When people consider software solution for their business, their instinct is to search for their industry or business sector. Most of us search using related terms or industry terms with the intent of shortlisting the top or best-suited solution. In many cases, the results displayed show software solutions that are skillfully engineered, designed and tailored to specific industries, trades, and services which of course suits those sectors perfectly.

5iQ Auto Repair Software For Related Automotive Industries

With 5iQ auto repair software, we have done the same for the automotive industry but in addition, we have included related or relatable industries into our portfolio. We began with a pure focus on the automotive industry in particular auto repair and very quickly and early on learned of the lack of up to date, cloud technology that was missing from the tyre, motorcycle, caravan, marine, and trucking sectors, so we had a number of conversations with people from these sectors and soon discovered the huge amount of similarities within these related industries. We were asked to consider the differences and make it happen. The number of gaps we found was incredible but most not big by comparison so we saw this as an opportunity to solve some real problems and altered our workflow architecture to meet those operational needs.

The similarities mirror the core elements of automotive management software like CRM, Quotes, Jobs, Schedule, Asset Management, Inventory, Invoicing and Payments so the question is not only about what you have, but how have you evolved! This is the same question been asked by auto repairs, auto electrical, mechanical repairs and mobile mechanic and many more.

At 5iQ we have implemented some new features to solve some of those problems such as:

  1. Customer communication – There is a love/hate relationship between phone calls, text message, and web-based booking service – so we have built a fully integrated 5iQ customer app that improves booking and notifications becoming the 24/7 concierge giving customer’s the freedom and flexibility and improving communication at every touchpoint meaning your customer will never miss another appointment! the best part of all it’s free for every workshop customer.
  2. Mobility (Mobile Mechanic’s) – A large number of customers are busy or time poor and want your service on their doorstep – so we’ve built a fully integrated 5iQ technician app for mechanics and garage owners which giving them all the tool’s they need to complete their job and manage their business on the go, all in the palm of their hands without coming back to a stack of paperwork.
  3. Customer retention – Most workshops only see their customer once or twice a year but there is ample opportunity to reach out all year round with great Marketing initiatives – so we’ve built a marketing platform with AI alerts to inform you about underutilized days in advance so you can take action on slow days or last-minute campaign or create your own campaign like special offers for that long weekend, cool part you can share your campaigns on social media too!

These are a few of our features that we’ve added to our portfolio that makes 5iQ a comprehensive auto repair shop software solution. The core features mentioned earlier along with these new initiatives lend themselves across multiple industries, sectors, and services making 5iQ your best decision yet.