Advantage of Using 5iQ Workshop Software During Covid-19

The pandemic has certainly turned the way we do business upside down, making us change what we do and how we do it. This pandemic did not discriminate, it simply affected everyone even though auto repairs were deemed to be an essential service, it hit us and hit hard leading to a lack of business and business growth.

Over this period we have seen workshops using their time to review and implement system changes to their auto shop such as 5iQ, why? One said – As an innovative system, it shapes a better experience for customers and owners alike, even in such troubling times.

How is 5iQ Workshop Software Helpful during Covid-19?

For those that haven’t had the chance to review 5iQ solutions, there is real potential you are missing something important for your business.

So how does 5iQ work to shape a memorable experience for customers? With innovation and intelligence coming together, 5iQ prepares your business to meet ongoing and future demands of service, repair, and maintenance through automation and integration.

The processes are carefully outlined and curated to boost productivity and profits while also increasing the proclivity for customers.

With mobile applications built for pure customer engagement and interaction the customer app allows easy connection and makes way for real-time results. On the other hand, internal communication has not been forgotten with the technician app delivering services like a digital job card, with inspections, parts, and time clocking to increase efficiency and productivity. As effective software, it ensures garage services are smoother than ever and post-pandemic we see this as a bright prospect while bringing unlimited opportunities along with it.

How 5iQ can Liberate Your Business?

Understanding everything about the software at once can get a little tricky. Let’s run through a few areas that are critical to any business success.

Easily Accessible Records

Managing customers with this brilliant solution is now more convenient than ever. Maintain customer records digitally with 5iQ as you honeypot with a competent and straightforward software interface. The platform makes it easy to create and segregate your contact records such as customer, suppliers, and employee files. In addition to that, a user-friendly approach makes it possible to view every transaction achieved through the system via the history tab at each level. Features like creating customer pricing levels, multiple labour rates, notes, and message communication logs are all you really need. To top it off, running reports on any contacts like your customer isn’t much of a task either, together with all these useful features, the software manages to push forward utility and appeal as desired.

Digital Vehicle Inspections

Powerful features such as digital inspections come as standard within the platform. The service improves transparency, honesty, and increases loyalty as the customer can see videos & photos via email and the customer app which drives up their level of trust. This level of customer engagement via the customer app makes this a simple and seamless digital process improving customer retention through the platform. The digital inspection module is an effective and competent paperless solution that limits manual exertion and labour for your business including automated workflow and live notifications.

All the requisites of the platform sync well with the current scenario as we head towards social distancing and minimal contact in the near future.

How 5iQ Workshop Software is Helpful in Covid-19?

Online Booking Service

With a reduced number of touchpoints, businesses need to pivot to digital online tools to maintain their customer service and provide ways to continue to offer their services as if it was business as usual. 5iQ has redefined convenience with the customer app all it takes is 3 simple steps to make a booking which can be done with ease 24/7.

Why is 5iQ a benefit during the Pandemic?

The impact of the current outbreak has been noted with gravity across the world. In such testing times, the advantage of using automotive shop software stands out. Running an auto shop with great software is regarded as a universal tool that every shop must-have.

The platform works well for all vehicle sizes (trucks, cars, motorbikes, caravans, marines) and is ideal for small, medium-sized, as well as large businesses. From fundamental to advanced modules, the software feeds you information as you require through its scalable cloud-based solution.

Why should You Opt-In for 5iQ?

Focusing on your business is demanding with most things or everything depending on you for an answer. To rule out paralysis, 5iQ makes quotes, jobs, inventory, invoices, payments, and scheduling a lot easier. The service presents itself as a beacon of light to startups in the automotive industry that wish to kindle a revolutionary start. Old businesses struggling to survive have also been considering the smart intention to help them recover from the losses and lack of opportunities the Coronavirus outbreak has carried along.

Moving Forward

So, the vital features that form the core of the solution include a simple to use dashboard, AI-driven marketing, mobile app compatibility, asset management, workshop management, smart scheduler, reports, and digital inspection. Such a systematic tool for your business can be the most incredible post-pandemic rescue you’ve been looking out for. Despite uncertainty hovering over the automotive industry, 5iQ workshop software stands out as one pillar for all auto shops looking for an all-inclusive solution as they prepare to shine digitally.