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Get Ready To Convert Your Garage To Digital With 5iQ Forms

Digital Forms increases efficiency and accuracy as it improves the professionalism of reporting and compliance of any business or industry. With integrated features to build and create from scratch or customized your current form to meet your company or industry policies

  • Automated Workflow

    Automated actions triggered by dynamic workflows based on specific answers given or form submission by using smart logic based on questions and responses.

  • Photo Capture and Draw

    Embed photo’s into your form straight from your device camera or library and with our integrated draw feature you can draw on your photo ensuring you dont miss that all important detail.

  • Voice to text

    Click and speak then watch your description and comments convert to text, now that's easy and fast.

  • User ID, GPS, Time & Date stamped

    With compliance at a whole new level automatic capture of ID’s, GPS and time and date stamp on every form is a must have. All information is stored securely, changes and status updates are also recorded as part of the record keeping.

  • Drag and Drop

    Create your own forms quickly and easily without any technical knowledge by using our simple drag and drop menu.

  • Stand alone solution with its own CRM & Mobile App.

    You can use 5iQ Digital form as a separate solution for your business or let it simply compliment your other solutions. With it owns front and back end you are in complete control of the end to end process.

  • Integrate with other solution

    Share all the data collected within your forms via our API, CSV and XML function which enables efficient data sharing between other solution.

  • Forms for all applications

    It’s more than just workshop management forms, its for Inspections, Risk Assessments, Safety Checklists, Audits, Electronic Work Diary, Fatigue Management, Time sheets and so much more! If you’re not sure talk to us and we’ll help you digitize your business.




Collect and share data between other solutions

Dynamic Workflow

Create automated action triggers


Automatic capture of GPS, time and date stamp

Multiple Applications

Risk assessments, Audits, Fatigue management and Safety Checklist


Use by itself or integrate with other solutions

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